DCIM software from PERF-IT

Our DCIM is the first open industrial datacenter monitoring solution. Due to its large number of connectors, DCIM is able to communicate with all equipment / software packages regardless brand or protocol.

DCIM based on 3 pillars

Building Management

DCIM is the single window into your datacenter. DCIM can serve as a full BMS solution and is able to integrate with other systems like fire detection, leak detection, burglary.

Cooling Management

Do you have a large variety of cooling systems in your datacenter, chillers, CRAC units, pumps, watertreatment systems and would you like to integrate all the different brands to one platform?

Energy Management

Get a clear view of your electrical infrastructure, where power is measured, UPS systems are monitored and all trips are visualized into the system and be sure that all power consumption in invoiced to the right customers.

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Why Choose Us?

1. Complete DCIM suite

You want asset management? capacity management? automatic invoice generation? performance optimization?
This all starts with gathering data from all devices. DCIM of Perf-IT is able to connect to every device and covers all functionality you needs for your daily datacenter operation.

2. Improved CAPEX / OPEX

Perf-IT can help you to make your DCIM investment more then profitable. Some result data from our customers:
. 25-50% reduction of CAPEX
. 25-30% energy consumption reduction
. 10% increased revenu’s
Curious how? Send a mail to info@perf-it.eu and we will show you the money.

3. Multilanguage

The whole userinterface is built as a multilanguage interface. So there will be no miscommunication between datacenters from different countries. Every user can have it’s own language to be used.

4. Standard DC building blocks

Our DCIM solution is based on a standard datacenter library. Therefore our systems are rapid deployed with a first time right approach.


After implementation of our DCMS your first PUE figures will help you to see actual performance of your datacenter. Our team of consultants can help you improve the efficiency of your datacenter

24/7 service

We have a 24/7 support organisation available to help.


Implementing a DCIM system are complex tasks for device integration, communication protocols and software integration. Our specialised team is available to help you deliver a full function DCIM.